Core Values

Core Values

Acting with unwavering honesty and respect in all that we do, regardless of the circumstance.

Problem Solving
Exploring innovative design solutions, identifying cost/time-saving strategies, and proactively mitigating problems every single day.

Safety, Safety, Safety
Establishing a work culture committed to ‘zero incidents’ and employing site management procedures that reinforce safety as a guiding principle while empowering employees to address risk.

Taking ownership of every suggestion, decision, and action. Accepting responsibility for outcomes, good and bad, and remaining transparent at all times.

Constantly operating in ‘full engagement’ mode. Removing any causes of complacency and remaining connected to our client’s vision and project schedule.

Ensuring design is delivered in accordance with all applicable codes and regulations. Conducting periodic inspections to assert control over the project and assure that work is performed to the standards specified in the contract documents.

Investing in the growth and development of our entire staff by providing a learning environment and competency roadmap to foster their growth, success and career satisfaction.

Lean and Efficient
Always doing more with less—without compromising quality or safety by leveraging emerging technologies, sustainable practices, and ethical principles.

Lauren LoreyCore Values