Pre Construction Services

Constructibility Review
We carefully assess drawings and specifications for constructability, value and functionality, and identify obstacles before a project is built to reduce and prevent errors, delays, and cost overruns.

Procurement Planning
We thoroughly prequalify vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors, strategically assist Owners in evaluation and selection, prepare bid packages, and expertly negotiate purchase contracts.

Value Engineering Analysis
We utilize a systematic method to identifying cost and time-saving opportunities while leveraging alternative design approaches that will optimize functional output and sustainability.

Site Logistics Planning
We carefully plan for and effectively sequence the forward and reverse flow of materials, tools, crews and equipment that will become a vital part of the overall project schedule, and in a way that will maximize speed and productivity.

Scheduling & Project Phasing
We develop end-to-end schedules that delineate specific milestones and durations for each phase of design, bid/award and construction. We update and track actual progress vs. baseline and think through contingency plans DAILY to keep crew sizes and resources at optimum working levels.

Design & Permit Coordination
We act as a partnering tool in RFI process to resolve gaps, conflicts, and ambiguities during the bidding/early construction process. And we orchestrate submittals between design consultants, engineers, expeditors, agencies and subcontractors to manage the permitting process.

Estimating/Budgeting  & GMP Preparation & Design
We prepare conceptual, schematic design development estimates and working budgets that include assumptions, anticipations, qualifications, exclusions, alternatives, schedules, and cash flow projections to ensure Guaranteed Maximum Price.

Managing process between design consultants, expeditors, agencies, and contractors.

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